Life is Beautiful – A Game Review

Many people have enjoyed the many beautiful riddles in this wonderful game: The Life is Beautiful. It is a puzzle/adventure game for those interested in romance, who wants more from their love life. In this game, you help a lady on her way to meet her future husband. You have to help her solve riddles and puzzles, which can lead her to meeting her future husband. This game gives the player many options of solving problems and helps them improve their logic skills.

The Life is Beautiful is different from other dating simulation games. The game revolves around a story, which revolves around a young girl, called Lovely Nuru, who falls in love with a boy named Sam. However, he backs out of the relationship and tells her to go away. She does, but Sam returns soon after and starts pestering Nuru with phone calls, gifts and other gifts. Nuru ignores all of his attempts to contact her, and he eventually wins her over. The two of them get together, and Sam falls in love with Nuru.


When the boyfriend of Lovely Nuru’s best friend comes to town, he takes her to the spot where she was going to meet Sam. There, she has to solve a plethora of riddles and puzzles, and use items on the screen to help her along her way. Different areas of the game have different puzzles to solve. If you love riddles, you will love this game. If not, you will probably spend some time trying to find the answer to the riddle that every time you click on a door.

In addition to the main storyline, this game comes with its own romantic subplot. As you play the game, you learn more about Nuru, and also discover that she is really falling in love with this boy. Some of the subplots are that Sam is very good looking, and that he is very smart. These things add more romance to the game, making it more interesting for girls to play. This game also supports the “girl power” idea, as you solve riddles and puzzles that a girl would have trouble doing on her own.

The graphics and music in this game are top notch. They look beautiful and the sounds are soothing. In addition to that, the game also includes some interactive puzzles that challenge you to utilize your wits. Some of these include word games, while others require your creativity skills. If you are looking for an interactive puzzle game, this one definitely fits the bill.

Life is beautiful, is not only a great game that provides entertainment. It also helps teach you valuable lessons. You learn about maturing, and life is beautiful. It can definitely teach you how to appreciate simple things. Playing this game will surely give you hours of entertainment.